[18+] Illicit Dreams 2 1998 100MB HEVC DVDRip

[18+] Illicit Dreams 2 1998 100MB HEVC DVDRip Hollywood Adult Only Erotic Sex Full Mobile Movie Free Download and Watch online – Movies 300MB

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Movie Information

Full Movie Name: [18+] Illicit Dreams 2 1998 100MB HEVC DVDRip 

Movie Info: IMDb
Rating: 3.7/10 from 184
Genres: Drama | Mystery | Thriller

Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 17 February 1998 (USA)

Director: Fred Olen Ray (as Roger Collins)
Writer: Steve Armogida
Stars: Tim Abell, Tane McClure, Teresa Politi

Duration: 85 Minutes
Size: 113 MB


Reviews: The occasional T&A flick because heck sometimes nothing hits the spot more than a smooth body and a nice pair of breasts. So here we are with Death & Desire or as you probably know it Illicit Dreams 2. As a low-budget take on Fatal Attraction, the plot is pretty simple and needless to say not very original. In this variation we have a lonely photographer (Tim Abel) who is recovering from the loss of his beloved wife. So naturally it’s only appropriate when not more than fifteen minutes into the flick he has an erotic fantasy (and not with his deceased wife either).
In short-style he meets up with Lynn (Tane McClure) the new executive at a firm he does work for. He’s lonely, she’s available and she’s fully aware of his deceased wife and his deep loneliness. Predictable but titillating, they decide it best to have sexual relations. Which is fine and all, I’m not complaining. This is why I gave this movie a go in the first place. So she gets naked a couple of times and of course we find out she’s a complete psycho.
Tane McClure, a veteran to movies of the low budget take-off-your-clothes variety, is wonderfully delicious and ultimately why we tune in to these flicks. The story is brain dead, but the ‘key’ scenes deliver. I do admire an attempt at a story, but time and time again it’s been proved plot and boobies just don’t mix.
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