[18+] Final Girl 2010 480p 300MB BluRay

[18+] Final Girl 2010 480p 300MB BluRay French Adult Only Erotic Sex Full Movie Free Download and Watch online HD – Movies 300MB

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Full Movie Name: [18+] Final Girl 2010 480p 300MB BluRay

Movie Info: IMDb
Rating: 3.6/10 from 163
Genres: Drama | Erotic

Country: USA
Language: French
Release Date: 31 May 2014 (Netherlands)

Director: Todd Verow
Writer: Todd Verow (screenwriter)
Stars: Wendy Delorme, Véronique Lindenberg, Judy Minx

Duration: 80 Minutes
Size: 638 MB


Three Parisian women discover that their lives are delicately interconnected to a mysterious fourth woman, who remains tantalizingly out of reach.

Review: This is an incredibly strange movie. A girl goes to work as a stripper in Paris. She needs a place to stay and finds a girl whose roommate has just left. She convinces her new roommate to waive the rent deposit by tying her up and having lesbian sex with her. Later she becomes interested in the girl who just left–especially, when the roommate tells her she “left” by jumping out the window of the high-rise apartment. She reads a journal the woman left behind, which cues a lot of black-and-white flashbacks and voice-over narration of the dead woman. Interspersed with this are more color scenes of the stripper having more lesbian sexual encounters including one with a woman who comes to the door looking for the dead girl. . .
The lesbian sex in this obscure French film kind of resembles the lesbian sex in the more famous French film “La Vie d’Adele” (“Blue is the Warmest Color”) what with girls masturbating other from behind and spanking each other. Many American lesbians–who apparently speak for ALL lesbians–have claimed that that movie does not “realistically” portray lesbian sex, so perhaps this one doesn’t either. But speaking for all (more or less) heterosexual men, I don’t think these scenes are exactly meant to appeal to them either. The sex scenes are few and far between and kind of abbreviated. They somehow manage to be both graphic (bordering on hardcore) and strangely oblique. The girls range from marginally attractive to downright ugly (although it’s only the marginally attractive ones that have graphic sex scenes). They, at least, don’t have the fake breast/”sexy Frankenstein” look of most American porn stars, but are more pierced and tattooed “suicide girl” types.

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[18+] Final Girl 2010 480p 300MB BluRay French Adult Only Erotic Sex Full Movie Free Download and Watch online HD – Movies 300MB

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