[18+] The Love Witch 2016 BluRay 480p 190MB x265

[18+] The Love Witch 2016 BluRay 480p 190MB x265 Comedy, Horror Hollywood Full Movie Free Download And Watch Online-HD 300mb Movies

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Full Movie Name: [18+] The Love Witch 2016 BluRay 480p 190MB x265-300mb Movies

Movie Info: IMDb
Rating: 6.3/10 From 2,813
Genres: Comedy | Horror

Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 10 March 2017 (UK)

Director: Anna Biller
Writer: Anna Biller
Stars: Samantha Robinson, Jeffrey Vincent Parise, Laura Waddell

Duration: 120Minutes
Size: 288MB


Elaine, a beautiful young witch, is determined to find a man to love her. In her gothic Victorian apartment she makes spells and potions, and then picks up men and seduces them. However her spells work too well, and she ends up with a string of hapless victims. When she finally meets the man of her dreams, her desperation to be loved will drive her to the brink of insanity and murder. With a visual style that pays tribute to Technicolor thrillers of the 1970s, THE LOVE WITCH explores female fantasy and the repercussions of pathological narcissism.
Reviews:  Elaine (played by Samantha Robinson) is a beautiful witch who is obsessed with her own bizarre take on the concept of Love. She creates potions and tries to induce Love for her in the men she bewitches but it never works out as she hopes.
The Love Witch is a quirky movie, to put it mildly. There’s this romantic 60’s retro-thing going on with the look and feel and then we also have a kind of time warp perspective on the roles of the sexes. Overall, it feels a bit muddled and doesn’t quite manage to be as charming or clever as it could be but it is enjoyable for the most part.
It feels more Russ Meyer and early Roger Corman than Roman Polanski. At times I felt I was watching a classic Star Trek episode even. This is its main selling point but the idea wears out eventually and we’re left with a bit of a thin plot, albeit with some nice stereotypical genre characters who are played well respectively. I should also add that it is perhaps a bit too long for its own good.
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