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Full Movie Name: Jattilainen 2016 480p BRRip 370MB x264

Movie Info: IMDb
Rating: 7.3/10 From 171
Genres: Drama

Country: Finland
Language: Finnish
Release Date: 22 January 2016 (Finland)

Director: Aleksi Salmenperä
Writer: Pekko Pesonen
Stars: Joonas Saartamo, Jani Volanen, Peter Franzén

Duration: 96 Minutes
Size: 370MB


Fictionalized story about the founding of the ill-fated Finnish mining company Talvivaara.
Reviews: We in Finland are used to be noticed as least corrupted country in the world. Mining industry with environmental problems has been discussed around Finland. The Talvivaara nickel-zinc-uranium mine has been a major environmental, economic and political scandal. The environmental problems started with opening the mine 2007-2008 with release of hydrogen sulfide gas, dust and toxic chemicals to waterways. This culminated in November 2012 with a spill of tons of heavy metals, 0.5-1.0 ton of uranium, huge amounts of aluminum, sulphate, manganese, and iron to Oulujoki and Vuoksi waterways.*
The movie the Mine (Finnish Jättiläinen/Giant) explains the business and administration secrets of the environmental catastrophe. There is special type of corruption called structural corruption directing permit and supervision authorities to allow and not to notice unreasonable waste amounts in the environment. The mine director and owner Pekka Perä (Jani Volanen, amazing resemblance of public figure of Mr Perä) takes unreasonable risks to deliver “a good story” to investors who start the mine with 500 million euro.
The mine permit authorities are engineer and geologist friends of the miners, and go hunting together. A new environmental permit officer Jussi Karevuo (Joonas Saartamo, a fictive character resembling a real life permit officer) gets a big job for permitting the new Talvivaara mine from the boss Raimo (Peter Franzén). There is benefits in pleasing the industry like highly paid jobs as environmental managers of the mine companies, but failure in this would be punished by the society of “the good brothers”(a Finnish expression for the….
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