Rest Stop Dont Look Back 2008 BluRay 480p 300MB

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Rest Stop Dont Look Back 2008
Rest Stop Dont Look Back 2008 Movie Information

Full Movie Name: Rest Stop Dont Look Back 2008 BluRay 480p 300MB

Movie Info: IMDb
Rating: 4.7/10 From 3,080

Genres:  Horror | Thriller

Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 30 September 2008 (USA)

Director: Shawn Papazian
Writer: John Shiban
Stars: Richard Tillman, Jessie Ward, Graham Norris

Duration: 89 Minutes
Size: 303MB


The corporal Tom Hilts returns from overseas to his hometown Argyle, Texas, for a ten days leave with the intention to seek our his brother Jess, who disappeared one year ago while heading to California with his girl-friend Nicole. He travels in his truck with his girlfriend Marilyn and followed by his friend Jared in his old car to California trying to track his brother. While in the old highway California, Jared needs to stop his car in an old rest stop to go to the toilet and is attacked by the driver of a yellow truck. Meanwhile Tom and Marilyn wait for him in the next rest stop where Tom is also attacked and kidnapped by the driver of the yellow truck. Marilyn sees the ghost of Nicole in the restroom and realizes that they are facing supernatural evil forces.
Reviews: I enjoyed the first Rest Stop movie- considering it was a straight to video, low budget horror, I felt it was a tense off-the-beaten track film, with some nice, and unexpected, supernatural elements. Though I’m not claiming it’s a horror classic, it was a fun film, and certainly felt like one of the fresher films in this sub-genre of horror, especially when compared to the tired Texas Chainsaw prequel and Hills Have Eyes sequel- both of which were out around the same time.
I think the sequel is equally fun- if not more so. Anyone witnessing the porta-potty scene will know there’s a real streak of humour in this film. The supernatural aspects are also capitalised upon- allowing for a good twist or two. The sequel fleshes out some of the history of the freakish family, we find out what happened to the characters from the last film- all in all, it does what a good sequel is supposed to! So if you want a fun hour and a half, you could do far worse than watching this.It’s silly fun, with some laughs, some gory parts and some tense moments, but then that’s the point, I expect. It’s a nice feeling when a straight-to-DVD film demonstrates a lot of what is missing in big budget cinematic horror films today- bring on Rest Stop 3!!!
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Rest Stop Dont Look Back 2008


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