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Movie Information
Full Movie Name: 18+ My Wife’s Lover 2015 HDRip 720p 500MB 

Movie Info: IMDb
Genres:  Adult | Drama

Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 24 November 2014 (USA)

Director: Jacky St. James
Writer: Jacky St. James
Stars: Alison Tyler, Anikka Albrite, Karla Kush

Duration: 85 Minutes
Size: 574 MB


Reviews: Having given Jacky St. James a few raves (and being the only IMDb-er who takes her work the least bit seriously) I can’t be accused of being a hater, but I certainly hated this video. If she doesn’t pull her socks up soon and find her mojo, the meteoric porno success story of 2014 may be the has-been by 2016.
This is four unrelated (and individually named, the easier to chop up into streaming segments, my dear) vignettes about wives whose hubbies vicariously get off on sharing them with other men. The mystery of this particular kink is left a mystery, as in JSJ’s umpteen other videos on the subject.
Most disturbing is Segment #2 titled tongue-in-cheek “The Fredom of Being Tied Down”. That is meant to be a pun on Jacky’s inane BDSM proselytizing on another genre of videos she cranks out, with tiles like RESTRAINT or POWER & CONTROL. This one is narrated by Xander Corvus (uncredited and not appearing on screen; his very familiar raspy voice is the only voice-over that rang a bell for me), who proselytizes about open marriage. Mick is the masseur and Anikka Albrite (married to Corvus) her client.
For the second time in recent memory Jacky’s script makes a ridiculous mistake, having Mick announce: “I’m Hans, your masseuse for today”, the same exact mistake she had Steven St. Croix recite in a previous video. Why the actors didn’t correct her, I’ll never know, but I’m waiting for a St. James feature where the manly pilot getting a blow job in the plane’s cockpit announces on the intercom: “I’m Johnson, your aviatrix”.
At any rate, Mick plays it straight and is alarmed when the nude beauty comes on to him sprawled out on his massage table. Solution is pretty stupid too, she puts hubby Xander on the phone and he tells Mick it’s okay to shtup her. (Yeah, I know Mick doesn’t speak Yiddish, I just had to throw that in.)
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