[18+] Smooth Operator 1995 DVDRIP 450MB

[18+] Smooth Operator 1995 DVDRIP 450MB Drama Hollywood Full Movie Free Download And Watch Online HD-Movies-300MB

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Movie Information

Full Movie Name: [18+] Smooth Operator 1995 DVDRIP 450MB 

Movie Info: IMDb
Rating: 4.9/10 From 57

Genres: Drama

Country: USA
Language: English

Director: Kelley Cauthen
Stars: Megan Hughes, Doug Jeffery, Jay Richardson

Duration: 79 Minutes
Size: 440MB


Reviews: I dug up this film, sitting at the bottom of my Skinemax archives. “Smooth Operator” also goes by the name “Forbidden Games 2” and is an “old” movie by modern softcore standards.
Megan Hughes plays Grace Nichols, a businesswoman constantly competing with men to get ahead. Unfortunately, her love life is also suffering. One day, while chomping on a donut, she realizes she’s put on a few pounds. She decides to get back in shape, and asks her secretary Angie Li (Candace Kita) if she could recommend a good personal trainer. Angie recommends Brian Lerner (Doug Jeffery), a guy Angie’s also been sleeping with for the last few months. Of course, Grace doesn’t know that.
Grace meets up with Brian, and it’s innocent at first. She tosses on the workout clothes, he comes over to help her out with exercising, and goes home. Simple enough, right? However, this is a softcore flick, so you know the sex is coming. Eventually, Grace asks Brian to accompany her to a formal dinner. Although Grace’s colleagues make Brian look like an culture-deficient idiot, all Grace can think about is how good he’d be in the sack. Sure enough, that night, after the party, they have sex. Eventually, Brian goes back and forth between Angie and Grace, with neither of them knowing they’re sleeping with the same guy.
Long story short, Grace and Brian break up down the road, and Angie gets mad at Grace for banging her boyfriend. Of course, all that gets patched over by the end.
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[18+] Smooth Operator 1995 DVDRIP 450MB
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